Girl Scouts of Colorado lift ban on selling in front of 'adult-oriented' businesses.

Girl Scouts can now sell their famous cookies in front of dispensaries. Not just pot shops but breweries and other 'adult-oriented' businesses. It was actually the requests to set up tables outside of Colorado breweries, not weed stores, that spurred the policy change. "Many of our breweries, as we all know, are really family-friendly. We received an overwhelming number of requests from girls, from parents and local breweries that wanted to support girls, to allow girls to come into their businesses and set up booths. Once we opened the door to breweries, the rest followed," said Girl Scouts spokesperson AnneMarie Harper.

All the hoopla started last cookie selling season when a California Girl Scout sold over 300 boxes of cookies outside a dispensary. Clever kid. It's Business 101, "location, location, location."

Girl Scouts of Colorado say it's not a big deal. In 2018, the girls set up 27,000 booths in Colorado. Of those, only a couple dozen were requested to be set up outside of dispensaries. That's a small percentage. I guess it comes down to the principle of the thing. Are you cool with the kids selling cookies in front of pot shops? Is it ok in front of any 'adult-oriented' business like a brewery or liquor store or should the kids just stay with Wal-Mart and grocery stores?

Credit: Fox31  

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