The World Famous Dark Horse Bar has been a staple of Boulder, Colorado since 1975. The establishment is known for having wacky decorations on every wall and ceiling, as well as being the go-to bar to grab a burger and a beer and watch the University of Colorado's football team play.

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However, last year it was revealed that The Williams Family, owners of the property in which the Dark Horse is located, were working on developing the parcel of land into a new, massive residential and commercial space.

However, since these plans became public, Boulderites and Coloradans alike have come out of the woodwork in opposition, including at a recent public hearing with the Boulder Planning Board.

Will Opponents of This New Development Save Colorado's Dark Horse?

On Tuesday, numerous opponents of the development proposal which would level The Dark Horse and other nearby buildings attended a public hearing with the Boulder Planning Board in protest.

The concerned citizens cited things like the ongoing gentrification of the area, the history and legacy of the bar, and the fact that the new development would likely cater to wealthy college students attending school from out of state as opposed to Boulderites.

However, proponents of the proposal tried to assure the concerned citizens that establishing a "Dark Horse 2.0" would be a top priority and at the end of the hearing, the planning board appeared to remain set on moving forward with the new development.

In addition, opponents of the proposal reach beyond Boulder and have created numerous conversations on Reddit to rally together and discuss possible ways to save the iconic Dark Horse Bar.

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