Colorado Representative Steve King is trying once again to try and create a bill that would test people, suspected of what is already a DWI, for THC levels. His goal is to try to determine if someone is high on marijuana while driving.

Representative Steve King wants to create a blood-level limit for THC much like alcohol and in January 2013 he plans on bringing up the idea to the Colorado Legislature's Transportation Legislature Review Committee. Steve King is a member of that committee and will be his fourth attempt to sell and pass the bill with the help of his fellow lawmakers.

Steve King pushed the measure through the Colorado Senate this year, but it went down with the Colorado same-sex civil unions bill failed. It came back up in May, but was killed again on a tie 17-17 vote because a fellow Republican Senator didn't show up to vote.

Steve King wants to see a blood-limit of 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of whole blood. Some in an outside the Colorado Legislature have argued even if THC is present in someone's blood it does not mean they are actually high on THC and too impared to drive.

Steve King was also reminded of the DUI laws that take care of what he perceives to be a problem. Medical marijuana patients in Colorado regularly have 5 nanograms or more in their blood, but are not actually high or impared.