Hunting, to me, has always seemed just as synonymous with Colorado as anything else, be it mountains or marijuana. Whether they're die-hard or a weekend warrior, we all know at least one person that loves to get out there and test themselves against Mother Nature as often as they can. While I don't have the patience for it myself, I've always found hunting fascinating, and I've managed to learn more about it in the time I've been in Western Colorado than at any point in my entire life.

I've spoken previously about hunting's popularity in our state while covering the rules for hunting Colorado mountain lions, but it got me wondering: with hunting as popular as it is in Colorado, can we lay claim to having the most hunters in the nation? Well, let's take a look at how many hunters are registered in the Centennial State to find out.

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How Many Hunters are Registered in Colorado?

There are almost 300 thousand registered hunters in Colorado. That sounds like a lot to me, and it's not really that surprising. Think about it: Colorado and its frontier spirit are almost required to lionize the sport of hunting. Besides, have you seen some of the animals out here? How could you not want to shoot them?

How Do Colorado's Numbers Compare to the Country?

The gallery below lists each state in the country, from the least to the most amount of registered hunters. When it comes to which state has the most registered hunters, well, unfortunately, Colorado isn't anywhere close to holding that title. We don't even make the top 25, which surprised the heck outta me. I would have expected us to be close to the top ten.

Check out the gallery to see where Colorado places on the list of Most Registered Hunters. Number one probably won't surprise you, but our placement definitely will.

If you're interested in hunting in the Centennial State, Colorado Parks & Wildlife is one of your best resources. Happy hunting!

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