Do you ever drive by something and wonder what it is? Who goes there? That's how I feel about monasteries in Colorado. Turns out there are several. Many of these monasteries are "open to the public", but I have no first or even second-hand experience of these places. From what I have read you'll either find monks or nuns at a monastery.

The Webster Merriam dictionary describes a monastery as "a house for persons under religious vows". Brittanica defines a monastery as a "local community or residence of a religious order, particularly an order of monks."

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Here are five Colorado Monasteries that a quick Google search brought up that are not far from Fort Collins

Abbey of St Walburga

Just a little north of Fort Collins you can find Abbey of St. Walburga in Virginia Dale. The theme of the many Google reviews is of "peace" and "quiet".

Benet Hill Monastery in Colorado Springs

Found near the Black Forest in the north part of Colorado Springs the Benet Hill Monastery is open to the public.

Colorado Forest Monastery in Parker

The Colorado Forest Monastery calls itself a Buddhist Temple and has no official website.

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Google Maps

Discalced Carmelite Nuns of Littleton

There are several mentions of nuns singing and weekday mass in the reviews for Carmelite Monastery in Littleton. There is a schedule on their website.

St. Benedict's Monastery in Snowmass

The reviews of St. Benedict's Monastery had an echoing theme of one of the most beautiful places people had been. They invite the public to visit if they are vaccinated against Covid-19. Just remember the very cool sounding "snow-mass monks" for the website.

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