Because of the colder climate, the number of Coloradans that have swimming pools in their backyards is much less than in warmer states such as Arizona, Nevada, or California. However, with a little creativity, purchasing an inexpensive pool noodle from Dollar Tree or a similar discount store can certainly make life a little easier for Colorado residents.

Colorado Pool Noodle Life Hack: The Bucket Filler

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Many Coloradans love to huddle around a fire, especially in the winter. Whether it's a campfire, or simply a firepit in the backyard, it's a great way to stay warm outdoors in the winter.

However, it's also important to have water nearby to put out the fire when you're done, or if it gets out of control, and sometimes the bucket and the sink aren't necessarily compatible.

But First, Coffee via YouTube
But First, Coffee via YouTube

This problem can be easily remedied by using a pool noodle to get the water from the sink into the bucket.

Colorado Pool Noodle Hack: Door Stop

Many Coloradans are also known to be dog lovers, which can be a little inconvenient in the winter. Letting the dog out when it's cold outside can either see its human having to stand outside, wait by the door to let them back in, or risk letting the temperature inside the home drop by leaving the door open.

But First, Coffee via YouTube
But First, Coffee via YouTube

All it takes is a piece of pool noodle to solve this problem as it will keep the door barely cracked and the dog can come back inside whenever they're ready.

Colorado Pool Noodle Hack: Year-Round Outdoor Plants

Finally, we all know that flowers and other plants don't look very pretty during cold and snowy Colorado winters, but a chopped-up pool noodle can help keep your yard looking great year-round.

But First, Coffee via YouTube
But First, Coffee via YouTube

Pool noodle pieces make great fillers for plastic flowers and trees.

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