When you think of scandals that have gone hand in hand with the Church of Latter-Day Saints or, more commonly known as the Mormon Church, areas that usually come to mind are places like Utah or, to a lesser extent, Idaho.

However, rumors have been floating around for years that a breakaway sect of the Mormon Church, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has made the small town of Westcliffe, Colorado home.

Unfortunately, this particular sect also has a reputation of polygamy and rumors of child abuse attached to its name.

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The sect has been investigated by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations because of claims such as these and it has been said that polygamist leader, Warren Jeffs, is the man that is behind the sect moving en masse to Westcliffe.

In fact, Jeffs has spent millions purchasing land and what are known as ‘compounds’ in the small Colorado town.

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