Wildlife officials approved a plan to increase sporting land access across Colorado.

If you enjoy camping, hiking, love to hunt or fish, or just enjoy the outdoors, the Colorado Parks & Wildlife's plan to add more than 100,000 acres to the state's public land is exciting news! CP&W plans to announce the locations of the new sites in August. Hunters will have access to these new land acquisitions in time for this fall's season.

Did you know that Colorado Parks & Wildlife shells out nearly a million dollars annually, $900,000 to be exact, to lease about 485,000 acres of land for public use? That sounds like a lot however CP&W's goal is to add much more. Their plan is to more than double that amount and ultimately acquire 1 million acres or more. Currently, hunters and fisherman have access to only about 20% of the state's land from the current Public Access Program.

Hunting and fishing license fees help fund the program. You can find out more information and download a CP&W Recreation Lands Brochure by clicking HERE.

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