A hiker was attacked by a bear over the weekend.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are on the hunt for a bear that attacked a woman on Memorial Day morning. She and her husband were hiking along the mile and a half long Hunter Creek Trail near downtown Aspen Monday when they spotted the bear. 

The woman says they were headed back to town when they saw a bear walking the trail towards them. The couple says they tried to step back and make way for the bear when it suddenly wheeled and charged them. As they started to run the bear grabbed the woman bitting her before it ran into the forest. Luckily, the woman wasn't seriously injured.

Now, CP&W officers are searching for the bear. The concern is the bear's close proximity to Aspen. CP&W are asking residents to be watchful and report any bear activity. 


This situation isn't good for the bear. "This is an aggressive bear and by policy, we will put it down if found," says Colorado Parks & Wildlife Officer Matt Yamashita." But until we find it, the public should remember what to do if they see any bear. If it appears aggressive or shows no fear of humans, do not approach it. Haze it away by yelling or banging pots and pans, then call CPW or 911 immediately."

If you spot a bear, CP&W reminds you of these tips...

1-Do not run from a bear, stand your ground and talk firmly to the animal

2-If it continues to approach, throw rocks and sticks, wave your arms and yell loudly

3-If the bear attacks, fight back as aggressively as possible and do not stop until the bear runs off

That section of Hunter Creek Trail is currently closed while the search continues. 

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