CP&W has the perfect summer job for you!

I can't think of a better summer job. There are not just a few openings either. There are dozens of jobs all across Colorado. Imagine hanging out, and working, at some of the most beautiful places in Colorado. Being outdoors helping nature and assisting people visiting the parks, sounds more like fun than work.

There several openings in our region including jobs along the Colorado River, Rifle Falls, Vega State Parks, and others. The jobs include everything from Rangers, Technicians, Nuisance Species Inspection Technicians, Marina Attendants, Gate Attendants, and many more! If you're interested you need to take action. Colorado Parks & Wildlife is taking applications now and interviews are set to start as early as the next week or so. Some jobs are scheduled to start as early as mid-April. To find out more and fill out an application click HERE.

There are jobs as close as Highline Lake. "We have positions still available for our maintenance crews, for our visitor's center attendance as well as with our A.N.S. staff. Aquatic Nuisance Species Inspector,” says Alan Martinez, Highline Lake Park Manager. There are High School and College internships available as well. Those include Wildlife, Education, and Park Ranger internships. For more on these opportunities click HERE.

Credit: KJCT8

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