Gender reveal parties have become a popular way to announce to expecting parents and their friends and family whether they're going to be welcoming a new baby boy or girl into the world.

Some gender reveal parties are simple, often involving a cake that is cut and the inside of the cake is either pink or blue, indicating the gender of the baby to be a girl or a boy, respectively. However, some expecting parents have gotten more creative, with a recent gender reveal party even sparking a huge wildfire in California.

This past Sunday, a couple of expecting parents held a gender reveal party on a hiking trail in Colorado's wilderness, leaving a bunch of blue crepe paper behind for a park ranger to clean up.

The ranger, Maggie Krause, spent four hours of her Monday morning at work cleaning up the litter left behind by the party's attendees. Jeffco Open Space posted a photo on social media and had this to say about their discovery:

Littering is littering, regardless of your baby’s gender! If you choose to have a gender reveal party, please do so in a way that does not harm the environment. This little celebration is a violation of regulation C.14. Litter: It shall be unlawful to deposit or leave any refuse, trash or litter in or on Open Space Lands except by depositing such refuse, trash or litter in designated waste receptacles.

The post was met with outrage and anger from the account's followers, and the park is currently asking for help identifying the partygoers that are responsible for the mess.

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