This picture of a mule deer with trash stuck on its muzzle is heartbreaking. This is the perfect example of why you should never, ever litter - ever.

It makes me so angry to see people toss things out of their car window or just litter in general. It really comes down to people just being lazy and not realizing the negative consequences of what you're doing.

If you litter, not only can you end up with a big fine, your trash could also end up like this.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared these pictures of a poor mule deer with trash on its face. The mule deer in Estes Park got a french fry container stuck on its muzzle.

I'm sure this deer likes french fries just as much as us people do, but I'm positive that it did not want this french fry container stuck to its face. The next time you even think about littering, think about this poor mule deer.

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