One of the most iconic places in the state of Colorado is the legendary Elitch Gardens. Colorado's largest amusement park has been located next to Ball Arena in downtown Denver since 1995.

However, if you've been in the state for long enough, there's a good chance you remember the original Elitch Gardens which had been around for over 100 years before being torn down and relocated to its current location.

Colorado's Original Elitch Gardens Amusement Park

Elitch Gardens officially opened its doors back in the year 1890 at its original location at 38th Street and Tennyson in Denver. Back in the early days of the park, it wasn't necessarily known for its roller coasters but rather for its exotic animals as the first name of the park was Elitch's Zoological Gardens.

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However, as time passed Elitch's would become an iconic theme park with rides such as the famous Twister, a Ferris Wheel, a Tilt-a-Whirl, a Rainbow ride, and more.

Those who visited the theme park before 1995 likely also remember things like the gondola that took you over the park, as well as the Elitch Gardens Theatre, and the iconic carousel.

What Does Elitch's Old Colorado Location Look Like Now?

As you'll see below, the original location of Elitch Gardens looks strikingly different than it did in its heyday, with a few exceptions.

While much of the area has been developed, the dome that once housed the carousel is still around, as is the iconic Elitch Gardens Theatre.

Keep scrolling to take a trip back in time to the original Elitch Gardens:

Take a Trip Back in Time to Colorado’s Original Elitch Gardens

Before 1995, Colorado’s biggest theme park Elitch Gardens was at a different location.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

Enjoy a Day Trip at Denver Colorado’s Elitch Gardens Theme Park

Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado is a great place to have a lot of fun on a day trip.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

Remembering Now Abandoned Colorado Amusement Park

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Heritage Square was an amusement park in Golden, Colorado that was open from 1959 to 2018.

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