For many years, Coloradans have been used to speed limits of typically 75 miles per hour, 65 miles per hour, or 60 miles per hour along the major interstate highway I-70.

However, it goes without saying that there are frequent instances in which driving the posted speed limit is simply not possible due to things like heavy traffic, accidents, and weather conditions.

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Because of this, as well as concerns for the safety of motorists traveling through the state via I-70 a new, automated system is being put into place which will adjust the speed limit along a specific stretch of the interstate highway based on certain conditions.

Colorado's Interstate Highway is Implementing Variable Speed Limits

Beginning on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, the stretch of I-70 between the mountain towns of Idaho Springs and Georgetown, Colorado, will implement this new system which will automatically adjust the speed limit along the interstate highway based on certain conditions.

The speed limit will vary from 26 different presets that will change on their own without the need for any human intervention.

While this idea seems to come at a time when artificial intelligence is at its peak and advancing at an exponential rate, the system was actually installed back in 2022.

Interestingly, the town of Georgetown also implemented another system recently that will alert residents of dam failure via sirens. This system has also been in place for some time but wasn't enacted until 2024.

When you picture sirens blaring through a city's streets, it's usually a sign of an impending nuclear apocalypse or a warning of an incoming attack from a foreign force, and both of these scenarios are typically found in movies.

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This particular stretch of I-70 is notorious for heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions, and blind spots and with this new system, CDOT hopes to curb the number of accidents caused by these and other factors.


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