Anyone that's been a motorist in Colorado for long enough is probably pretty well-versed in the many different ways that you just need to know how to drive, especially if they've made trips across the state in the wintertime.

Getting around in a car during Colorado's snowy winters is a completely different animal than really anywhere else, and the rules change depending on whether you're taking an interstate highway, tackling rush hour in a bigger city, or venturing into the mountains.

Not only are there numerous rules, and therefore numerous mistakes that are made, while driving in general, there's a whole other list of rules and mistakes that apply to Colorado specifically.

Keep scrolling to check out 20 of the most common mistakes made by new drivers in Colorado as well as how to avoid them.

Common Mistakes New Drivers Need to Avoid Making in Colorado

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As mentioned above, many of these rules and, if broken, mistakes, made by those new to driving in Colorado have to do with adverse weather conditions.

If driving through Colorado in the winter, you're going to want to remember to take it slow, especially around corners or complete stops, and be prepared with things like a window scraper, windshield wipers, etc.

Other mistakes commonly made in Colorado by newer drivers involve things like roundabouts, those yellow and green arrows at stoplights that we're used to, but not everyone else is, as well as specific places like Floyd Hill.

Check out 20 of the common mistakes made by new Colorado drivers as well as how to avoid making them:

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