It seems like over the past handful of years, we tend to hear about restaurants going out of business in Colorado more than we hear about new restaurants coming to town.

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However, much like In-n-Out Burger finally giving in and opening up franchises in the Centennial State, a restaurant chain known for its mouth-watering southern-style brunch menu will be officially breaking ground in Colorado soon and if everything goes as planned, there will be more to come.

Southern-Style Brunch Restaurant Coming to Colorado

While it's technically a funny-sounding made-up meal that combines the words "breakfast" and "lunch," brunch has become a phenomenon in its own right and is enjoyed by Coloradans regularly.

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Now, brunchers across Colorado have a new reason to rejoice as the popular brunch chain known as Another Broken Egg is officially arriving in the state.

The popular chain will be opening its first location in Colorado at 2909 East Harmony Road in Fort Collins but if everything goes as planned, four additional locations will be opening their doors shortly thereafter.

In case you're not familiar, brunch typically takes place on a weekend, mid-morning, and consists of menu options that include omelets, pancakes, and parfaits, to name a few.

Unlike breakfast, many of the drinks that accompany brunch are alcoholic with staples including mimosas and bloody marys.

Another Broken Egg plans to open its first Colorado location this fall.

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