A Colorado 911 dispatcher's nosy neighbor left her a note on her car telling her to stay at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heather Silchia has 3 small children and is a 911 dispatcher in Centennial, Colorado. She is considered an essential employee because she works the graveyard shift for JeffCom 911.

A silly neighbor who remained anonymous had been watching Silchia and her family's every move and decided to take it on herself to find some unfair assumptions and bad conclusions.

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Silchia shared the note with KDVR Denver:


I notice that a few days a week you leave in the morning with your baby and return a short time later without it. Then I see the man of the house arrive with the baby later in the afternoon while your vehicle hasn't moved all day. This leads me to believe that the kid is in daycare. STOP. I am assuming that man has an essential job since he is gone all day but if you are home there is no reason for your child to be in daycare at a time like this. I also see you leave shortly after your husband (I assume) gets home. You aren't wearing any sort of uniform and I have never seen you wear a mask. Bars are closed and you couldn't possibly be getting groceries every night (Which would also require you to wear a mask) so again I ask you to please stay home.

Also, so everyone in the neighborhood a favor and keep your kids inside. They are loud.

Help do your part in keeping our town safe and STOP LEAVING YOUR HOME!


All your neighbors

Source: KDVR

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