If your dog loves the outdoors and joins you on trips through Colorado's National Conservation Areas, then he or she could be featured in a new calendar.

There are three National Conservation Areas in Western Colorado including McInnis Canyons, Gunnison Gorge, and Dominquez-Escalante all of which are both people and dog-friendly.

With that in mind, the Colorado Canyons Association decided to feature dogs in the 2017 National Conservation Area (NCA) calendar. In order to complete the calendar, they need photos of dogs enjoying the stunning scenery in these areas.

Here's where the fun - besides enjoying the NCAs - comes in. If you already have photos or want to head out to one of these areas with your dog a camera and take some pictures, you can submit your best photos to be considered for the new calendar.

Make sure you're familiar with the photo guidelines, hints, and tips before heading out for a hike, ride or float so your dog has the best chance possible at being a calendar dog. Entry deadline is August 31 and you 're allowed up to five photo submissions.

While you are enjoying Western Colorado's NCAs with your dog, don't forget the important preparation and proper etiquette of dogs and owners including,

  • Having plenty of water for both you and your pup.
  • If hiking, do it when it's cool enough so the pads on your dog's paws don't get burned.
  • Keep your dog on a leash. Off-leash is acceptable if you're 100% sure about the dog's behavior around other people and animals.
  • Always pick up the poop. Some trailheads have poop bags but better to bring your own.

The Colorado Canyons Association has plenty of information about the area NCAs so do a little homework before heading out so you and your dog can have an exceptional experience in these great wilderness areas.