If you were ever a guest at the Manor House Hotel in Aurora Colorado, you may be a part of a book being released by the owner who spied on guests for years.

In all my travels, I do not think I have ever heard of something quite like this. A Colorado Hotel owner is writing a book based purely on spying on guests. The crazy part of this story is the man spied on people having sex, and apparently a whole lot more.

The man's name is Gerald Foos. Foos was the owner of the hotel on Colfax for many years. During his time there, according to the Denver Post, he installed fake vents into the ceilings in over a dozen rooms so he could spy on people having sex. He started doing this way back in the 1960's and it continued throughout his time at the hotel.

Foos proclaimed himself as a voyeur, and in his mind, he considered it serious research. Foos had decided he wanted to tell his story of everything he saw in the hotel. He reached out to a man by the name of Gay Talese, who is a well know writer in an attempt to get the stories told. Now, a book is being released called. The Voyeur's Motel.

The craziest part of this whole story is that, in the book, there is a lot more things that were seen by Foos,  that are going to be in the book, including a murder that he had witnessed and never turned into authorities.

There are many things about this that seem extremely wrong, and make me wonder why Foos would want this book released now, and even more important, how in the world he never got caught after all this time.

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