An elderly woman was violently attacked by a moose in Colorado last week.

The woman, whose identity hasn't been released, is 79-years-old and resides in Garfield County, Colorado, just south of Glenwood Springs.

The incident took place last Friday, August 13th at her home in a rural area of Garfield County around 9 p.m.

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The woman was allegedly watching a dog for one of the tenants in the home in which she resides and had seen a cow moose and two of her calves earlier in the day without incident. However, when she took the dog out later that evening she had not seen the moose and was subsequently attacked.

Another one of the woman's tenants witnessed the attack and described the moose to have been 'stomping' on the woman.

It's unclear as to what provoked the attack, but officials with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife have said that when a cow moose feels threatened, it will become very aggressive, especially when the animal is with her offspring.

In addition, a moose will often feel especially threatened around dogs, which the animal has been widely known to confuse for a wolf, which is one of its natural predators.

Following the attack, the woman was taken to a local hospital then because of the severity of her injuries, transported via helicopter to another hospital on Colorado's Front Range.

The severity of the woman's injuries following the attack is unclear, but Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials have since warned nearby residents to steer clear of moose in the area in order to avoid any further attacks.

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