A Colorado man was shot in a moving vehicle by a fellow passenger this past weekend.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office received word of the incident at a hospital near where the incident took place. The police were informed of the shooting by the driver of the vehicle.

According to reports, the female driver, the man who was shot and the shooter were returning to the Denver area after a trip to Black Hawk when the two male passengers got into an argument.

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The shooter, 26-year-old Isaac James Alvarado, allegedly pulled a gun on his fellow passenger and shot him following the dispute. He then ordered the driver to drive around, eventually leading them to a nearby hospital where they dropped the injured passenger off and left.

The driver was said to have then dropped Alvarado off in a nearby neighborhood where he proceeded to flee the vehicle on foot in an attempt to not get caught.

However, the female driver returned to the hospital following this to report what happened to the police who then proceeded to hunt down Alvarado and arrest him. This arrest also involved the FBI Safe Streets Fugitive Task Force and the Westminster SWAT Team.

Authorities say that the victim of the shooting is expected to recover from his injuries, while Alvarado is currently detained and facing numerous charges. These charges include 2nd-degree kidnapping, 2nd-degree assault with a deadly weapon, felony menacing, and 3rd-degree assault.

It is unclear as to when Alvarado's appearance in court will be.


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