A man suspected of domestic violence was shot in the face after trying to break into a Colorado home while wielding an AR-15 assault rifle.

The man, John Lott, was picked up by authorities in the Colorado Springs area just after midnight on Saturday, October 16th after firing shots around a home that he was trying to break into. The incident happened near Woodmen on Montarbor Drive in Colorado Springs following an incident in which Lott has been accused of committing an act of domestic violence toward a partner with which he had previously had relations.

Lott allegedly attempted to break into the home of his former partner with his rifle, which has been described to be similar to an AR-15 assault rifle in shape, following a domestic dispute. Lott is also accused of strangling his former partner several times prior to his attempted unlawful entry into her home.

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The alleged victim apparently managed to escape the attack from Lott which provoked him to attempt to re-enter the home armed with said rifle.

The victim, who has yet to be identified, allegedly fled to a nearby neighbor's home following the dispute.

Lott allegedly returned to the home heavily armed and then realized that she was at the neighbor's house, at which point it's been said that he opened fire first with a shotgun followed by the AR-15-styled rifle.

The Colorado Springs State Patrol has said that Lott then attempted to break into the neighbor's house at which his former partner was taking shelter, but was soon picked up by police and taken into custody.


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