A Colorado man wanted for murder is facing a slew of charges after being caught stealing a cop car and racking up numerous charges in the process.

The Colorado Man Who Committed Numerous Crimes

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The Colorado man has been identified as 32-year-old Osemeke Uwadibie and is facing numerous charges. Uwadibie first caught the eye of police after being named a suspect in a homicide in which the man was confirmed to have been inside the deceased's Colorado Springs apartment.

However, the events that resulted in Uwadibie finally being caught and arrested make this story even more mind-blowing.

What Did the Colorado Man Allegedly Do Prior to His Arrest?

Uwadibie was caught and arrested on the night of Friday, May 13th, a night that proved to be quite unlucky for the Colorado Springs man. However, numerous events led up to the man's arrest that have added up to quite the remarkable rap sheet for him.

The Colorado Springs Police Department initially began looking for Uwadibie after he was named a suspect in a homicide case.

Following this suspicion, Uwadibie was contacted by police where he allegedly assaulted an officer and stole said officer's police car in an attempt to make a getaway.

The man then allegedly crashed the stolen police car into multiple civilian vehicles on Colorado's Interstate 25 (I-25) where he was eventually caught and arrested.

However, prior to being arrested, the police officer allegedly discharged his firearm, but it is unclear as to whether or not Uwadibie was struck.

We do know that Uwadibie was taken into custody and charged with, among several others, first-degree murder.

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