A Colorado man has tragically passed away after accidentally driving his vehicle off of a large embankment this month.

The man, 41-year-old Daniel Hoffman, allegedly accidentally drove his truck off of a large embankment on Friday, October 8th, 2021 in Gunnison County. Unfortunately, Hoffman did not survive the crash and passed away.

According to authorities, Hoffman was driving on Kebler Pass near Gunnison County on his way to Crested Butte when he accidentally drove his vehicle, a 2006 Toyota Tacoma, down a large embankment, which has said to have been close to a 100-foot-drop, and did not survive the crash.

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Colorado State Patrol Officer Trooper Hanson has said that the exact time of the crash remains unclear, but he did have this information to share regarding the incident:

So far, we know that the vehicle was heading toward Crested Butte from 133, drove the right side of the embankment, and collided with some trees.

It's also unclear as to whether any contributing factors to the crash may have taken part in the incident, but authorities are continuing to investigate.

The incident is said to have occurred close to six miles from Paonia State park at mile marker 6.8.

Authorities in Gunnison County along with the Colorado State Patrol are currently continuing to investigate the incident as the investigation remains ongoing at this point.

While it is extremely sad and unfortunate that Hoffman passed away because of the incident, it is, however, lucky that he was the only victim of the crash and no one else was injured or lost their life


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