A Colorado man just broke a record and set the record on the Manitou Incline. Greg Cummings climbed the Manitou Incline over 1,800 times in just one year.

62-year-old Greg Cummings broke his buddy's record and set a new record on the Manitou Incline just a few days ago. His friend, Roger Austin, climbed the Manitou Incline 1,720 times and Greg bet that by over 100.

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Greg Cummings climbed the Manitou Incline 1,825 times in just one year, setting a new record. This past year was the first that he was retired and was set on setting a record. On average Greg made the climb about five times a day, every day since January 12, 2019, according to Out There Colorado.

Although Greg knows that his record will eventually be broken, he says he'll never attempt to set another record on the Manitou Incline again. He said that setting this record was a real chore and is definitely not a part-time thing.

He's not the only one that's relieved that his daily Manitou Incline climbs are over. Greg's wife says that it's been a tremendous year and not in a good way. She said that her husband setting this record was harder than she ever thought.

According to Out There Colorado, it was a strain on their relationship and Greg's relationship with his kids too. I feel like this is the perfect time for the expression 'nothing worth having comes easy.'

We're proud of you Greg and we're excited to see if your buddy, Roger, decides to break the record that broke his.

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