It's no secret that one of the biggest, if not the absolute biggest, thing the state of Colorado is known for is its world-class skiing. Ski resorts such as Vail, Aspen, and Telluride attract skiers and snowboarders from every walk of life each winter.

Perhaps the most expensive thing that these skiers and snowboarders spend money on during one of these trips is the ever-essential lift ticket. A lift ticket can come in the form of a single-day pass or various multiple-day passes and can get you on any of the operating chairlifts on the mountain.

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However, have you ever wondered which of these chairlifts are the longest? As it turns out, six of the top ten longest chairlifts in all of North America are right here in the Centennial State.

What Are Colorado's Longest Chairlifts?

As far as the ten longest chairlifts in North America go, chairlifts at Colorado ski resorts take the third, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, and tenth places on the list. The tenth-longest ski resort in Colorado was built in 1997 and is in Keystone, while the eighth-longest was built in 1993 and calls Buttermilk in Aspen home.

We've got additional Aspen chairlifts taking the seventh and fourth spots, while Copper Mountain is home to the fifth-longest and the third-longest in North America is found in Telluride.

The rest of the list sees the longest chairlift in North America in Vermont, the second-longest in New Mexico, and chairlifts in Montana and British Columbia round out the top ten.

Keep scrolling to check out all six of Colorado's longest chairlifts, where they're located, and just how long they actually are:

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