When Colorado schools go on break it can be difficult to find adequate childcare and some believe that the best thing to do is leave your child at home alone, but do you know what the law is on unsupervised children?

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Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Every parent has their own set of rules for their kids and with school being out soon, it is important to plan ahead.

Like every good parent, you want to make sure your child is safe and protected. For years your young one has been under constant supervision, but there's a time when you can loosen the reigns.

Factors to Consider

Keep in mind that even though your child's age may match general guidelines, that maturity should always be considered.

  • Can your child respond appropriately in an emergency situation?
  • Is your child emotionally stable enough to be left alone?
  • Is your child mentally capable of making smart decisions?

It is recommended that parents communicate clear expectations to their children when deciding to leave them unsupervised.

Starting out in small increments of time with no supervision can help with the adjustment period and be a good way to teach independence and responsibility.

The Law In Colorado

The law does not state a specific age that a child can legally stay home alone. However, according to a county press release, the generally accepted age for a child to be left home alone is 10 years old.

A guideline for babysitting has been generally accepted for children ages 12 years and older.

Do What's Best For Your Family

Again, what's best for you may not work for others. Safety and responsibility is the most important aspect to consider when choosing to leave your child at home unsupervised.

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