Colorado's growth may have slowed recently but still added 70,000 new residents.

Feel like your neighborhood is a little less roomy? Your hunch is right. Even Mesa County added new residents. The U.S. Census Bureau shows that Colorado's population topped 5.6 million, adding more than 70,000 new residents. That's a growth rate of about 1.4%.

It was Denver and the front range that added the most folks with Denver County remaining the most populated. However, the Census Bureau predicts El Paso County will outgrow Denver in 2019. El Paso County added the most residents with more than 12,000 compared to Denver's 9,844.

Top four highest populated counties in Colorado:

  1. Denver County (704,621)
  2. El Paso County (699,232)
  3. Arapahoe County (643,052)
  4. Jefferson County (574,613)

The counties around Denver, El Paso County, and here on the Western Slope, saw the highest population increases. Mesa Country grew about 3% since 2010. There are several reasons for Colorado's increasing population. A growing economy, outdoor activities, scenic beauty, lifestyle, and more have people from all across the US moving here. I'm here now and happy to call Colorado my new home. Thank you for making me feel so welcomed.

Credit: Fox31

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