An area of the Denver suburb of Littleton, Colorado has one of the oddest names in the state and an even odder urban legend as to how it got its name. Keep scrolling to learn about Jackass Hill Road.

History of Colorado's Jackass Hill

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Many of the people that live near the area of Littleton known as Jackass Hill have gotten so used to it that they don't even question it. However, many Coloradans who aren't familiar with the area become curious as to how it got its name.

Legend has it that a man who lived in the area purchased the land to raise mules that he intended to sell to the United States Army during the First World War. However, the war ended before he was able to make his money and he allegedly just abandoned his mules on the property, earning it the name that it still has all these years later.

The Legacy of Colorado's Jackass Hill

Today, the 17-acre open space that is Jackass Hill is still around, though there are a lot more houses surrounding it as the land was rezoned for housing back in 1993.

You'll also find Jackass Hill Road nearby (watch out for potholes though) as well as Jackass Hill Brewery located at 2409 West Main Street in Littleton.

While the actual jackasses are long gone, the aforementioned Jackass Hill Brewery's mascot is a 29-year-old miniature donkey named Moose, an animal that the establishment sponsors.

You'll also find Jackass Hill Park in the same area, although, like the hill itself, you won't find any of the storied jackasses there either.

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