For vacationers that plan to travel inside the US, Colorado is a top choice.

This info isn't exactly a revelation but should serve as a reminder just how important tourism is for all that call Colorado home. A fine example is the upcoming Colorado Mountain Winefest. Wine lovers from all across the country will descend on Palisade for the 26th annual festival.

According to "The Cashlorette," a personal finance website, it polled over one thousand persons and asked them what were their travel preferences. Colorado made it the top five.


1.    Hawaii
2.    Florida
3.    California
4.    Alaska
5.    Colorado

No surprise that Hawaii is in the top spot. Alaska seemed a stretch to me. Not that it's not a cool place to visit, it's on my bucket list, but not exactly handy when it comes to a family vacation.

Again, this info should serve as a reminder just how important visitors to The western slope, and the rest of the beautiful state of Colorado, are and remember to be hospitable to all that visit. They're spending money here and helping improve the quality of life for all of us living in Colorado.

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