Colorado currently has the third lowest unemployment rate in the U.S. Are happy days here again?

The national average is 4.1. Colorado's unemployment rate currently sits a 2.7. Last year 60,000 people moved to Colorado looking for work. The reason I wound up here was a job. I'm not sure if it's wise to call your friends and family in other parts of the country and tell them to pack their bags but things are looking pretty good here. Where the unemployment rate is lower usually means the income levels move higher. Will Colorado's current economy mean we'll all start making more money soon? That's doubtful but it's encouraging to be living in a part of the country where that possibility is real.

The jobs where there's the most opportunity is in construction, healthcare, and the restaurant industry. If you do have family that aren't finding work back home and have experience in any of those three fields, it's at least worth a phone call. You never know there may something for them here in Colorado.


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