If you're a fan of TV shows and movies about crime, or even if you keep up with the news, you've probably heard of some of the wacky ways that incarcerated individuals smuggle contraband into their cells.

However, an inmate in Colorado was recently caught having someone smuggle drugs into the jail for him in a rather clever, but ultimately unsuccessful way.

Colorado Inmate Busted for Creative Drug Smuggling

Our story begins back in April when a woman who was apparently romantically linked to the inmate sent the man a letter. However, this particular letter caught the attention of the Weld County Jail where it was sent as it appeared to have been doused in some type of liquid and then dried out.

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Upon further investigation, authorities discovered the letter to have been laced with a drug known as Amfepramone or diethylpropion, a stimulant similar to methamphetamine in nature.

All these months later, the woman went to visit the man in jail and once the correctional officers realized who she was, she was taken from the lobby and arrested immediately. The woman was charged with multiple felonies including unlawful manufacturing and distribution of a controlled substance as well as second-degree introduction of contraband.

It's been said that the man was planning on taking the letter to a prison where he was being transferred to sell to other inmates.

Because of this discovery and similar attempts at drug smuggling, the Weld County Jail is now considering delivering copies of letters to inmates as opposed to the actual physical piece of mail that they receive.

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