Colorado and the DEA are dealing with a "growing" problem. Ilegal operations in rural parts of the state.

We all heard about that outrageous grow seized just off I-70 a couple weeks ago. Over 9,000 plants were found just a stones throw off the highway outside of GrandJunction. It appears there are many more thoughout Western Colorado and beyond. The DEA has seen a 50% jump in recent months. Many of these growers believe that can get away with it because of the state liberal laws concerning the recognitional sale within the state. That's not the case. These growing operations are not only breaking the law they're using valuable water and land resources. Many of these operations have ties to crime operations from Russia and Cuba.

If you are out hunting or hiking and stumble across one of these grows don't take action yourself. Many of these growers are dangerous criminals and won't take kindly to your intrusion. Get yourself home safely and report it t the local authorities.

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