The number remains fairly constant in Grand Junction but across Colorado, homelessness is on the rise.

As winter approaches thoughts turn more towards those living each day without a place to call home. In 2017, the Colorado homeless population increased 3.7%. In last January's survey, 482 persons were counted as homeless in Grand Junction. Most believe that number to actually be higher. Also increasing is the number of homeless young people. The Grand Valley Catholic Outreach reports that the number of homeless youth and women are rising in the Grand Valley. "When you come here at lunch time and you see how many young people, under 24, are here."

During this season of giving, consider making a donation. There are a couple local outreach operations that work tirelessly to help provide the homeless a hot meal or a warm place to sleep. If you can't afford to give monetarily, please consider donating your time.

HomewardBound of the Grand Valley- Their mission statement is..."To provide a safe and healthy step for homeless adults and families on their pathway home. We serve short-term needs and create opportunities by utilizing the strengths of our community partners here in the Grand Valley Region of Colorado’s Western Slope." 

The Grand Valley Catholic Outreach- Their vision is to..."Provide emergency services to individuals and families in need. Support the homeless in their quest for safe and decent housing by offering services at the Day Center and emergency, transitional and permanent housing.Feed those who are hungry in our valley. Invite participation from all denominations in this quest to support human life."

Reach out today and help those in need. The start of Winter is a week away. The most challenging days are ahead for the homeless.


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