If Grand Junction got its own scented candle what would it smell like? Is there one smell that enough people could agree on? We'll never find out if we don't ask...

Think back to your hometown. Was there a distinct smell there? Maybe it came from a factory. Maybe you lived near a bakery or a large body of water or something else that gave the area a particular smell?

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What Would Your Hometown Candle Smell Like?

In my childhood, we spent a lot of time in Central Illinois. On most days, the A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company in Decatur is the only thing you will smell. NASTY! That candle would be easy to make but nobody would want it. On the other hand, I once lived near Hershey, Pennsylvania and the whole town actually smells like chocolate. I'd much rather have that candle. What would your hometown smell like?

Popular Answers for Western Colorado Include

The most popular candle we are making here on the western slope is likely to smell like peaches. Those who live in Palisade have it easy. Other answers included onions, fresh hay, fresh cut grass, rocky mountains, and pine trees could all make a list of finalists. Scroll through the photo gallery below to see the rest of the scents.

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If Your Hometown Had a Scented Colorado Candle What Would it Smell Like?

We're having some fun trying to figure out what a scented candle named "Grand Junction" would smell like. If they made a scented candle that smelled like your hometown what would that smell like?

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