Since legalizing recreational marijuana roughly a decade ago, Colorado and cannabis have gone hand in hand in a lot of ways. The most popular annual celebration of all things weed is undoubtedly the Mile High 420 Festival that takes place in Denver's Civic Center Park every year, but a lesser-known, more intense event has also become a tradition. This event is called Bong-a-Thon.

Colorado's Bong-a-Thon

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While the sale of recreational marijuana has only been legal for close to 10 years in Colorado, a rather extreme marijuana-themed event has been taking place in the state for almost 40 years.

Bong-a-Thon is a somewhat secretive gathering that just celebrated its 39th year in an undisclosed location in Western Colorado near Gunnison.

The event is similar to Amsterdam's Cannabis Cup in that it is centered around pot smoking competitions.

One of these competitions is called the Single Man 7-Grams Competition.

Colorado's Bong-a-Thon's Single Man 7-Grams Competition

The Single Man 7-Grams Competition at Colorado's Bong-a-Thon is just one of the many competitions held at the event.

The rules for this particular competition are as follows:

Disqualification can result in puking in the bong, spilling water into the weed trays, changing bong water, or spilling weed on the ground.

Other rules state that all leftover weed is to be donated to the winner, no grinders, torches or other tools are allowed, two lighters may be used at the same time, and the judge is the only person allowed to poke the bowl clear.

Take a look at photos from a past Bong-a-Thon event held in Colorado two years ago:

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