We Colorado people are a proud lot. When we're the best at something, we want the world to know. Best mountains? Check. Most mannequins? You bet. Now, you can add to the list best bathroom in the entire world.

The Cintas people know a good john when they see one. And, they asked their users to nominate and vote for the best bathroom. And, the winner is Minturn, Colorado. Here's the announcement.

America voted and decided that the Town of Minturn has the best public restroom in all the land. The restroom that resembles a passageway into a Rocky Mountain mine defeated a strong field of finalists in the 14th annual contest.

Officials in the Town of Minturn wanted to create functional art, and it took a committed team to make the project a reality: the local planning commission, town council, carpenters, public works department, concrete workers, steel artists and plumbers. The result is impressive “potty” for the town to celebrate.

Photo, Cintas

So, next time you flush, do it in salute to our neighbors to the slight east who have achieved what no other bathroom in the world has.

Photo, Cintas