There's no shortage of fun and often quirky festivals to attend all across the state of Colorado. There's the Mike the Headless Chicken Festival in Fruita, there's the legendary Frozen Dead Guy Days in Estes Park, and another held in the Colorado Springs area that features the largest pumpkins you've likely ever laid your eyes on.

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Keep scrolling to see some of these massive gords and learn all about Colorado's Giant Pumpkin Festival.

Colorado Festival Celebrates Gigantic Pumpkins

The Giant Pumpkin Festival is exactly what it sounds like - a festival filled with giant pumpkins. In fact, some of the pumpkins are so massive that they exceed 150 pounds.

The festival is held each year in the Old Colorado City area of Colorado Springs and is fun for the entire family. Plus, the festival is an especially attractive event for family fun due to the fact that it's free of charge.

You and your kids can sit on the pumpkins, take some of the smaller pumpkins home, enjoy a massive bouncy pad, get your face painted, meet some cute farm animals at the petting zoo, and much more.

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The festival is typically held in mid-October so if you see a pumpkin for sale that you think would look great outside of your home for Halloween, there's plenty of time to carve it before the holiday.

One of the biggest draws to the festival is the pumpkin drop; a unique spectacle in which a huge pumpkin is raised several stories into the air by a crane and then dropped.

Keep scrolling to check out some highlights from a past Giant Pumpkin Festival:

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