There are so many fish I haven't caught in Colorado that I would love to catch. These are the types of Colorado fish I would love to see on the end of my line.

While taking a walk in Grand Junction and with perfect timing, I watched a fisherman catch a massive carp. It made me think 'well hey, I'd love to catch a carp.' Well, carp, and a whole lot of other kinds of fish too.

These are the seven types of Colorado fish I'd like to see at the end of my line.

  • 1

    Razorback Sucker

    I love to catch and release, which is exactly what I'd do with a razorback sucker. I kind of have to, considering it's a protected fish here in Colorado. It's odd shaped head and weird fins make this a crazy looking fish.

  • 2

    Kokanee Salmon

    There's something strong and beautiful about salmon and I'd love a chance to catch any kind. This kind of salmon can conveniently be found in Durango. A new lake, Lake Nighthorse, is stocked with trout and kokanee salmon.

  • 3

    Cutthroat Trout

    Trout, in general, are beauties. I'm excited any time I see one at the end of my line. You can tell the difference between cutthroat and rainbow trout by the cutthroat's heavier spotting near their tail and their red slash.

  • 4


    Although not everyone likes fishing for carp, I do. Carp are huge and to feel that weight on my line would be an absolute rush. Watching someone else catch one make me want to catch one even more.

  • 5


    Graylings are a strange looking fish with a sail for a fin and a silver body. I can't say I can think of a fish that looks like a Grayling. They're usually less than 12 inches but who says size matters?

  • 6

    Humpback Chub

    This is another fish with a crazy look. Its head almost looks like an evolved turtle. This is another protected fish here in Colorado. I just want a picture of the humpback chub and back to the water, it goes.

  • 7

    Tiger Muskie

    Even the name of this one just sounds cool. The tiger muskie is a hybrid of northern pike and muskie. The largest fish ever caught in Colorado was a long-snout with a lot of teeth having striped tiger muskie.

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