A story that was sad enough to begin with has taken an even more tragic turn as a medical examiner has determined, after performing an autopsy, that a 9-month-old Colorado girl died because of blunt force trauma to the head.

The incident occurred on August 3rd, 2020 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, where 9-month-old Gianna Rosales, nicknamed 'Gigi,' was rushed to the hospital and tragically succumbed to her injuries the next day after she was taken off of life support.

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At the time of the incident, the child was in the custody of her mother, who has yet to be identified, and was also splitting custody with the girl's father, Anthony Rosales at the time.

A lot of questions remain unanswered, as it remains unclear to even Rosales what led to his young daughter's untimely death. Rosales had this to say following the autopsy results:

I just want to know what happened. I called the police department multiple times. I called them that day to go see my daughter, to see how conditions were and see how she was doing and they didn’t — they said they were too busy. The system could have made sure that my daughter was okay. I want somebody to be locked up. I want justice for my daughter.

The Colorado Department of Human Services currently has an ongoing investigation into what exactly happened on that fateful night and is not commenting on it at this point in time. However, the girl's father is bound and determined to find out exactly what happened on the day where he lost his daughter.

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