The COVID Bandit has returned, bringing with him the reminder that "COVID sucks." Per his usual modus operandi, he visited a Colorado restaurant, leaving behind a very generous gratuity.

By now you've probably heard of him. The COVID Bandit, a.k.a. David (so much for his secret identity), visits restaurants around the state of Colorado and leaves monstrous tips, usually enough to provide each employee with several hundred dollars.

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Past Sightings

Past sightings of the COVID Bandit include Denver and Estes Park.

Most Recent Sighting

According to the Canon City Daily Record, the COVID Bandit left a $4,600 tip at Boulder's Flagstaff House on Sunday, May 2, 2021.

The bandit's actual dinner bill came to $1,047.84. When you figure in the $4,600 tip, his total bill came to $5,647.84.

How Does He Sign the Receipt?

Looking at the receipt, he actually signs it "COVID Bandit."

Who Receives the Gratuity?

On the receipt, the COVID Bandit clearly states "...each employee from the dishwasher, buss people, servers, chefs, valet, hostess, etc" are to receive equal portions of the tip.

Here's to you, COVID bandit. You're making people happy and bringing smiles to thousands of faces. If nothing else, you're helping hard-working Colorado residents to breathe a little easier when it comes to making the bills. Keep up the amazing work.

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