One of my biggest fears when getting gas is not being randomly blown up by flammable fumes, it's actually having my card wiped of any and all money by a card skimmer. It seems that as the years go by, skimmers become more and more common.

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One Colorado company is helping combat credit card skimmers with an app. SparkFun Electronics, based out of Boulder, was contacted by law enforcement and was able to get enough data from the hardware of the skimmer to create an app that can detect credit card skimmers. The app called Skimmer Scanner works by using bluetooth technology. If the pump you are using has a skimmer, the app will give you an alert. However, different skimmers work in different ways and the app might not be able to alert users to certain skimmers. Android users can get the app in the Google Play store now. No word on if SparkFun will be releasing a version for Iphone.


Source: KDVR

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