As technology advances at an exponential rate, car thieves must come up with newer and more sophisticated ways to steal vehicles. However, if you make yourself aware of how these car thieves think and operate, it becomes much less likely that you'll find yourself a victim.

Keep scrolling to learn about how car thieves in Colorado victimize drivers and how to prevent your own car from being stolen.

Avoiding Modern Car Theft in Colorado: Pay Attention to Your Mirrors

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One of the newest things that attract car thieves to a potential vehicle to steal is spotting an unlocked door via the car's mirrors. On newer, fancier vehicles, the front mirrors automatically fold in when the car is locked. This can be a dead giveaway to a car thief looking to score some new wheels.

Avoiding Modern Car Theft in Colorado: Check Your Door Handles

Another method that car thieves use in order to spot a vehicle to steal is placing a coin on or into a car's door handle. The thieves will monitor the coin, usually a penny, to see how long the car has been sitting there and how likely they'll be caught by the owner.

If you find a coin in any of your door handles remove it immediately and be extra cautious of your surroundings when parked in that area.

Avoiding Modern Car Theft in Colorado: Protect Your Key

Car thieves are becoming more and more advanced as time goes on and the more sophisticated thieves can even replicate your key fob in order to get into your vehicle. If you feel concerned about your key fob being hacked in a certain area, experts recommend either wrapping it in aluminum foil or placing it in a specially-made metal box.

Avoiding Modern Car Theft in Colorado: Lock Your Steering Wheel

Finally, even if a thief is able to enter your vehicle and start it, they're going to have a really hard time getting anywhere if the steering wheel is locked. Steering wheel locks are very effective and cost much less than a new car.

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