Some guy in Commerce City, Colorado launched a petition to change the Denver Broncos team name. It's a bad idea.

I get that I'm not from here. Worse yet, I was born in Kansas City and raised a hard core Chiefs fan. That aside, I know a thing or two about a brand, an identity, and the connection an NFL franchise means to a city, state, and region. I'm a bit of a traditionalist too when it comes to sports so there's no way I'm going to be ok with the team name change.

This guy says he wants to "incorporate fans across the state." Having worked in Mid-America radio for over 20 years, I can tell you first hand that the KC Chiefs "Chiefs Kingdom" radio and television network is broadcast in not only Missouri and Kansas but in Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and even South Dakota. Does that mean we need to change the team name to the "Mo-Kan or Midwest Chiefs?" Never! Ever! I'm just as certain too that the Broncos media network covers much more the borders of the great state of Colorado and their passionate fan base stretches across the country. So where do you draw the line? You don't.

A fact is too is that the Denver Broncos were part of the original 8 AFL teams. That innovative league, that began play in September of 1960, was built on the dreams and vision of the team owners, coaches, players, and fans. To change the Denver Broncos team name is changing more than a logo. It's changing pro football history and tradition. The fact that teams are now jumping markets and bailing on their cities and fans for more lucrative deals in Las Vegas and LA makes keeping the traditions, the city, and the names of these great NFL franchises, that much more important.

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