There's no doubt that a lot has changed since the 1960s. Technology has come leaps and bounds and if a person were to travel a la Back to the Future from the '60s to today, they'd likely have a massive culture shock or believe that they'd landed on another planet.

The City of Boulder, Colorado has always had its own unique charm. In the 1960s, Boulder was one of the, if not the biggest, college towns in Colorado, and it was known for being home to hippies, especially in the latter part of the decade.

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While Boulder is still considered a major college town and there are still hippies, the majority of the town is almost unrecognizable today compared to the Summer of Love.

Unlike today, a very small number of people had video cameras back then, especially on their person while walking around, but luckily someone did and because of this we're able to take this trip back in time to see what the city was like all the way back in 1967.

What Was Boulder Colorado Like in 1967?

While the Haight-Asbury District in San Francisco was the unofficial hub for the hippies during the Summer of Love, downtown Boulder looked a little behind the times back in 1967.

The videographer saw a lot of older women in dresses with perms, and the stores that lined major downtown streets like Pearl Street and Broadway were practically unrecognizable compared to today's landscape.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual trip back in time and see what downtown Boulder, Colorado looked like in 1967:

See What Downtown Boulder Colorado Was Like in 1967

Take a trip back in time and see what downtown Boulder, Colorado was like during the Summer of Love.

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