When my girlfriend and I think of bears, we often think of one of our favorite TV shows, The Office. There is an episode where Jim asks Dwight, "What kind of bear is best?" Dwight stumbles over his response and Jim says that the black bear is best.

Well, it would most likely suffice to say that a family in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, would agree with Jim, as they had a black bear enter their home, to which it proceeded to terrorize, with the family still inside.

The incident happened in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a small town located north of Wolcott, which is a popular spot for people to stop when traveling between the Vail Valley and Eagle, Colorado.

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However, Steamboat Springs has become a bit of a hot spot for the skiing community and is regularly visited by enthusiasts of the sport during the season.

Regardless, the bear seemed to make itself at home, despite the fact that it had a rather serious injury that remained untreated at the time; a broken jaw that was split down the middle of the animal's manidble.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager Adam Gerstenberger had this to say about the incident:

The bear had a broken lower jaw that was split in the middle. It had healed up wrong and one of its canines was hanging out from its upper lip. The other lower canine was shattered, so its teeth weren’t meeting up. The injury is likely the reason why the bear had turned to human food sources.

The bear was unfortunately put down following the incident.

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