Climate Central reports that the state of Colorado is warming faster than most.

Whether you're a believer in "climate change" or not, or if it's indeed humans on the planet that is the cause, it does appear that 'average temperatures' are rising across the country. According to researchers at Climate Central, Colorado is the 7th fastest warming with Alaska leading the pack. Colorado's average temperature change has increased by 2.9 degrees since 1970.

Across the US, the states average temperature has risen a minimum of 1.8 degrees with an average increase of 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This news is especially concerning for states like Colorado where winter sports and recreation are a huge part of the state's economy. Over time, winter warming could cause harm to the skiing and snowboarding industry.

As far as Colorado's cities, since 1970 Denver's average has increased 1.5 degrees Colorado Springs is 2.7 degrees warmer, with Grand Junction increasing by less than 1 degree at an 0.8-degree increase.

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