The practice of shopping online has skyrocketed in recent years and the largest online marketplace is undoubtedly the giant that is Amazon.

In order to better facilitate the massive demand of orders from Amazon, Jeff Bezos and the company began to expand their operations by building and opening more and more Amazon hubs, some of which are in Colorado.

However, while most Coloradans have used the service, not everyone has seen what exactly goes on inside these facilities. Keep scrolling to take virtual tours of two of the largest Amazon hubs in the state of Colorado.

What's Inside Colorado's Amazon Hubs?

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As you'll see below, the Amazon hubs in Colorado operate like enormous, well-oiled machines. In fact, it's actual machines that do a lot of the work.

Small robots that resemble Roomba vacuums are programmed to move a lot of the packages around, but running one of these places also takes a considerable amount of manpower.

For example, the largest Amazon hub in Colorado, which is located in the Denver suburb of Aurora, employs around 500 employees inside the hub along with around 700 drivers. This particular facility handles a whopping estimate of 120,000 packages each day.

Another large Amazon hub in Colorado Springs was opened just a couple of years ago but to give an idea of the sheer size of this place, it consists of four floors of inventory, 20 large break rooms for the employees, and stores an estimated 20 million products at a time.

Keep scrolling to check out both of these massive Amazon hubs in Colorado:

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