College sports is steeped in tradition, from Notre Dame football players singing their alma mater with fans at the end of home games to the eerie 'Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk!' chant of Kansas basketball fans. And then there's this:


Each college basketball season, the fans of John Brown University, an NAIA school in Arkansas, dub the first home game of the year as 'The TP Game.' When the Golden Eagles score their first basket of the game, the toilet paper goes flying, as it did on Thursday against Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College. This must be a friendly rivalry; intense fans would throw much heavier and more dangerous stuff.

After the court is cleared of all the debris, JBU is assessed a technical foul, which results in two free throws for the other team.

It seems like the officials, the university and its opponents have signed off on this once-a-year occurrence, which used to happen all the time in places like Philadelphia's Palestra. The Golden Eagles have won 23 of 24 of these 'TP' games.

As college traditions go, the TP toss is no let-your-roomate-get-drunk-enough-to-sleep-with-the-ugliest-guy/girl-on campus, but it's got potential. At least the toilet paper hasn't been used.

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