Loose change is always a terrible conundrum. Nickels, dimes and quarters pile up in your car, on your dresser and in your couch cushions until you decide you want to cash them in and buy yourself something nice. Use that extra money to get yourself one of these handmade Coin Guitar Picks.

Shaped by an Etsy vendor from Nashville, these guitar picks are made from actual U.S. coins, from silver dollars to quarters to wheat pennies. The metal coins will give your guitar an awesome tone and their smooth, beveled edge means you won't wear out your guitar strings after playing the riff from 'Walk' by Pantera a few thousand times.

The Coin Guitar Picks cost $10-$30 each, which means you'll be trading as much as $30 for $1, but considering that last time all you got from your loose change was a Big Gulp, some beef jerky and  a  DVD of 'Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style,' you are making a better investment.

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